Advantages of the ACW® method

 The ACW® method has various advantages. The big advantages include (1) to (6) below.
 (1) Only one type of forming material is used!
 As the material used for the ACW® method has both transmission and absorption properties, two different materials do not need to be used. Only one type of material is required.
 (2) Welding with strong bonding property!
 A molten pool formed in the ACW® method starts growing from the surface of the resin irradiated with laser, reaches the bonding surface, and starts being welded. In this manner, with the ACW® method that forms a large molten pool, it is possible to obtain higher welding strength (tension shear strength) compared to conventional welding methods.
 (3) Tolerates larger gap!
 In the method to weld resin with laser, shrinkage or warping caused by forming process produces a gap at the bonding portion, resulting in a welding defect. However, in the welding of nylon 6 through the ACW® method, welding is possible even when a gap (0.2 mm) four times that formed in standard welding method is present.
 (4) Laser irradiation can be set in any direction!
 As the ACW® method uses the same forming material, there is no restriction on the laser irradiation direction. It is possible to conduct welding from any direction.
 (5) Abutting welding is possible! Furthermore, abutting welding of cylindrical objects, roll forming objects is possible!
 With the ACW® method, abutting welding is possible. Manufacturing of cylindrical products, welding of same materials such as roll forming objects, and welding of pipe-shaped products, which are normally formed through extrusion molding can be conducted by abutting welding.
 (6) Acquired patent related to the ACW® method!
 We have acquired the patent right for the ACW® method. To effectively use the patent right, we are proactively conducting licensing activities.

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